Sunday, January 24, 2010

Educate the Rural Ethiopia for Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation!

   Climate change is an inevitable result of the world's most developed nations' extreme pleasure seeking and comfort seeking methods and mechanisms of life! The impact of the same is now sharing by almost all parts of the world! In that sense, Africa may be the end receivers while they have suffered the climate change of the globe without doing any direct contribution to it!
    Still the local variation in climate in each country is very important and the change in the climate pattern can be adapted if, individual efforts are carried out more systematically and with much responsibility to the ecology and the environment of the system they live.
     The very reason for all kinds of suffering is lack of education, and hence, the need for a more ethical, moral and life supporting education should be a part of the developmental mechanism. The importance to allocate more funds for the rural population, for their education, sustainable livelihood development, etc. should be the top priority of any government.
     Sustainable Africa Initiative (SAI) is non-registered Non-governmental organization based in Mekelle in the Tigray Regional State in Ethiopia. The organization is started by few Ethiopian youngsters such as Haileselassie, Adhonom, Haftu Kidane, etc., by the support of advises and directions of Dr. Rajeevan Moothal of Mekelle University, Ethiopia. The organisation is presently involved in educating the Aynalem village mothers and their children who are studying in Elementary School at Aynalem. Mr. Adhonom, the Director of the Aynalem Comp Elementary School supports and welcomes this program as an important support for the village children and also of their mothers.
    The support of SAI to the Aynalem village mothers and their children includes in delivering a basic environmental education for keeping their home clean and to train them to safely dispose the waste materials and also to utilize the organic waste for recycling to produce organic fertilizers, etc. The classes have been conducted to create more responsibility and awareness among Aynalem mothers to make their efforts to improve the quality of learning and also the personal cleanliness of their children.

Man-making, life-building education for rural children,
youth and women can only save Ethiopia and Africa!
    The importance of breast feeding and the nutritious food to their children have been explained in deatil. SAI is patiently waiting for more funding and the registration of the organization through the support of local and other international funding agencies and donors. The environmental education to the mothers, children and also to the school teachers will be conducted during the first week of February and the children, particularly orphans of the school will be supported with the old dresses collected through SAI's Old Dress Collection Program to save the waste accumulation and also to adapt the climate change effects that will be resulted from such waste deposition.


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